Hear Family Story of <i>Lady Elgin</i> and Historian's View of Aftermath

<p>A shipwreck hunter and the relative of two women who went down with the Lady Elgin will chronicle the great marine tragedy at a WMHS dinner Sept. 28. <a href="/Programs_Events/Programs_Events#sept28"><strong>Read More</strong></a></p>


Underwater Photographer to Talk at<br> Christmas Tree Ship Dinner Dec. 14

<p>Cal Kothrade, artist and photographer, will talk about his adventures shooting photos of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes and Caribbean Sea. <a href="/Programs_Events/Programs_Events#dec14"><strong>Read More</strong></a></p>


Tall Ship <i>Denis Sullivan</i> Cameraman to Chronicle Its History Jan. 27

<p>Chris Winters will put "wind in the rigging" when he describes the building of the schooner and rebirth of Discovery World at WMHS' Annual Meeting. <a href="/Programs_Events/Programs_Events#jan27"><strong>Read More</strong></a></p>