Great Lakes Marine Collection-MPL/WMHS

Your Donations and Sponsorships Help Make History

The Wisconsin Marine Historical Society is a volunteer organization that works jointly with the Milwaukee Public Library for scientific, literary and educational purposes. <br /><br /> Your gift – cash or stock, historic marine artifact, personal collection of historical marine documents, Society gift membership, or sponsorship of a Society initiative – is tax deductible. <br /><br /> <strong>Gift of Cash</strong> <br /><br /> Your donation is used to preserve articles and materials of marine history, buy archival supplies, present speakers and programs, pay for publishing and mailing of the quarterly newsletter, <a href="/Newsletter/Newsletter"><i>Soundings</i></a>, and attend conferences of importance to the interests of the Society. <a href="">Give a cash gift</a> <br /><br /> <strong>Gift of Stock</strong> <br /><br /> Besides helping the Society preserve marine history, the gift of stock or other securities may provide capital gains tax advantages to the giver. <a href="">Give a gift of stock.</a> <br /><br /> <strong>Gift of Historical Information</strong> <br /><br /> The Societyʼs extensive research holdings grew from the personal collections of historical information, including photos and ship logs, that donors accumulated over lifetimes and are now open to the public for their research. <a href="">Donate historical information.</a> <br /><br /> <strong>Gift of Artifacts</strong> <br /><br /> Marine artifacts are another form of donation. With your gift, the Society is able to loan artifacts, paintings and photos to organizations for exhibits to maximize their viewing to the public and to help interpret history. <a href="">Donate history artifacts.</a> <br /><br /> Among the artifacts given to the Society for preservation are: <br /> • Name boards from sunken ships. <br /> • The steering wheel from the Christopher Columbus. <br /> • A life ring (preserver) from the Edmund Fitzgerald. <br /> • The Cedarville's bell from the Charles S. Neff and the Prins Willem V. <br /> • A magnificent 5-foot model of the SS John P Reiss. <br /> • A finely detailed model of the Prins Frederik Hendrik. <br /><br /> <strong>Gift of Membership</strong> <br /><br /> Gift a one-year membership for $25 and support the Society by helping it to increase its membership. A gift of membership must be new to the Society. <a href="/Join/OnlineOrder">Give a gift of membership</a>. <br /><br /> <strong>Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising</strong> <br /><br /> Underwriting an event – such as the Societyʼs annual Christmas Dinner or a lecture program or placing a sponsorship ad in this website, in our newsletter or in the Society’s digital mailings – can increase your companyʼs visibility and enhance your corporate image. Your logo and name associated with a Wisconsin Marine Historical Society initiative is a unique opportunity to enhance your companyʼs recognition and status. <br /><br /> For information about gifts of cash, securities, marine history information, artifacts, and corporate sponsorships and advertisements, please contact Carl Eisenberg, MD, Society President, or Charles Sterba, Vice President, at <a href=""></a>. Carl and Chuck can assist you shape and package a sponsorship campaign or place an ad.<br />