Photo by Charles Sterba / Great Lakes Marine Collection-MPL/WMHS

The tug Nathan S., built in 1962 and owned by Calumet River Fleeting, steams out of the fog in 2017 at the Port of Milwaukee ahead of the Flevoborg, an ocean-going bulk carrier launched in 2009 that sails for Royal Wagenborg (Dutch). The Flevoborg was inbound to take on grain at the Nidera elevator. Loaded, she headed through the St. Lawrence Seaway for Northern Ireland.


Underwater Photographer and Maritime Artist
to Talk at Christmas Tree Ship Dinner Dec. 14

An internationally known underwater photographer and artist is the Wisconsin Marine Historical Society's speaker at its annual Christmas Tree Ship Dinner Dec. 14.

He is award-winning photographer and diver Cal Kothrade, who spent the last decade shooting pictures of shipwrecks in all of the Great Lakes, as well as in the eastern,

Photo Courtesy of Cal Kothrade

Cal Kothrade in full gear

southern and western Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean off British Columbia, and on the Atlantic Sea coast.

Cal will describe his travels, diving equipment, camera gear, skills and training needed to capture images of eerily beautiful wrecks that lay at the bottom of the Great Lakes. He will recount what it takes to safely dive into icy water and bring back his stunning images of historic shipwrecks. He will also share personal travel stories with close friends in search of diving adventures.

The program will be held at the Milwaukee Yacht Club, 1700 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr., Milwaukee. Check-in and cocktails start at 6 p.m., followed by dinner at 7 p.m. and the featured program at 8 p.m. The dinner menu and ticket price will be announced later. The event is open to the public.

Cal's work has been shown on magazine covers, published in books and periodicals and displayed on television. He specializes in shipwreck mosaic photography, digital renderings and fine art maritime paintings.

He is a board trustee of the Wisconsin Marine Historical Society, a member of the Wisconsin Underwater Archaeological Society, and is active in various clubs and groups devoted to diving and underwater photography. His images are available for purchase through his websites: Milwaukee Dive Apparel and Calsworld

Please call (414) 286-3074 with any questions.

Photo by Steve Wimer II; Courtesy of Cal Kothrade

Cal Kothrade is shown filming the Sweepstake May 30, 2017. The schooner, built in 1867 in Ontario, sank at Big Tub Harbour in Lake Huron's Georgian Bay in 1885.


Photographer of Tall Ship Denis Sullivan to Chronicle
Schooner's Construction and Rebirth of Discovery World

Photographer and author Christopher Winters will put "wind in the rigging" at the Society's Annual Meeting and Founders' Auction Jan 27 when he describes the building of the Denis Sullivan and the rebirth of Discovery World.

Chris is the staff photographer at Discovery World museum and, as he says, has been the "official unofficial" photographer of Wisconsin's tall flagship sailing vessel, the Denis Sullivan, for nearly 25 years. He is the recipient of the 2017 Great Lakes Historian of the

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Winters

Christopher Winters, photographer for Discovery World.

Year award from the Marine Historical Society of Detroit.

The Annual Meeting and Founders' Auction will be held Saturday, Jan. 27, at the South Shore Yacht Club, 2300 E. Nock St., Milwaukee. Doors open at 5 p.m. when silent bidding on auction items begins. The auction raises money to help sustain the Society's work to make maritime history available to the public. Members and others are encouraged to donate items and services for auction.

Dinner is at 7 p.m., followed by a brief annual report and the featured speaker. Dinner menu and ticket price will be announced later.

Chris' recent book, Schooner Days, The Story of Wisconsin's Flagship and the Rebirth of Discovery World, was co-authored with Frank L. Steeves, who led the development of the Denis Sullivan and was co-chairman with philanthropist Michael Cudahy of the new Discovery World maritime museum and education center at Milwaukee's Pier Wisconsin. The pier is the homeport of the ship.

Launched in 2000, the vessel was the first tall ship built in Wisconsin in over one hundred years, according to the book. Its design reflects that of the schooner Moonlight. Built in 1874, it was captained by Denis Sullivan, the book reports. The Moonlight sank in Lake Superior off Ashland County during a storm in 1903.

Captivated at a young age with the legends and stories of the Edmund Fitzgerald wreck, Chris became interested in shipwreck diving and a life-long student of Great Lakes maritime history. He is a member of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society and an associate member of the International Shipmaster's Association.

The Steamship Historical Society of America presented Chris with the C. Bradford Mitchell award in 2010 for his book, Centennial, Steaming Through the American Century, which documents life aboard the Great Lakes steamboat SS St. Marys Challenger as she approached the 100th anniversary of her 1906 maiden voyage.

With Bruce Lynn, Chris co-authored The Legend Lives On SS Edmund Fitzgerald, an account of the wreck of the ore carrier. The freighter sank in 1975 in Lake Superior.

Please call (414) 286-3074 with any questions.