Marine History Publications and Other Resources at Milwaukee Public Library

This is a partial list of publications on maritime history available at the Milwaukee Public Library.
Merchant Vessels of the U.S., 1866–1994
Canada List of Shipping, 1874–2003
Blue Book of American Shipping, 1896–1913
The Great Lakes Red Books, 1904–1994
Shipmasters Association Directory, 1904–1967
Beesonʼs Sailorsʼ Handbook, 1890
Beesonʼs Inland Marine Directory, 1891–1895
Beesonʼs Marine Directory, 1896–1920
Greenʼs Marine Directory of The Great Lakes, 1910–1968
Annual Report of Lake Carriersʼ Association, 1907–2001
Marine Record, 1889–1902
Inland Seas, 1952–1990
Marine News, 1952–1990
Marine Review, 1890–1935
Inland Lloyds Vessel Registry, 1860–1906
Inland Lloyds Vessel Registry, Canada, 1869–1902.

Newspaper Indexes

The Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper card catalog index from 1837 to 1890. This is a paper index of news stories on many topics, including maritime stories. It is available at the Library. A searchable newspaper database of 19th Century U.S. Newspapers is available at the Library. For more information.